How to Tame a Lovebird

How to Tame a Lovebird

Lovebirds are amazing creatures and amazing pets. They add charm and beauty to your residence. Lovebirds of any age could be tamed and trained. But if you have hand reared baby Lovebirds then they’re a lot more easier to tame compared to adults.

Decide how many Lovebirds you wish to tame and begin with one bird at one time. A set of Lovebirds will interact with one another and the method becomes more difficult for you. A single bird will think about a person as his companion and will learn the process much quickly and easily as well as the training becomes an enjoyable experience for your bird.

Taming a Lovebird needs a whole lot of patience, practice and time for your bird. A tamed Lovebird is well worth the time spent on taming. The best time to begin training is as soon as possible. The training sessions should be run almost daily. Raccoon Poop

Carry your Lovebird into a different area where there is minimum distractions from outside sources. Now take the Lovebird from its cage and speak to him in a low voice. Words such as”Good parrot” etc., etc. have a calming effect on your bird and also help to calm him down and get him ready for training. Don’t shout or yell at him.

Fearful birds are tough to tame. Once your bird is comfortable in your presence, place your hand inside his cage with a food item on your hand. Do this several times before your Lovebird gets comfortable with your hand and begins eating food from your hand.

The next step is to instruct him to step up in your finger. For this, bring your finger close to the Lovebird and lightly touch him on his torso. The bird will go out of balance and so as to balance himself will step up and sit on your finger. Now bring him from its cage and talk a few reassuring words and offer him a treat for complying with the mandatory behavior. Repeat the process many times.

When your Lovebird has learned to sit on your finger, then take him to his cage and then instruct him to step back on its perch. With repetition your bird will readily step up and step down as many times you need. Patience must teach these steps. Some birds learn very quickly while others find out a little later depending on the time of your bird. Repeat this again and again until it becomes its second character.

Take the food thing on your hand and complete the most familiar word or whistle. When your Lovebird flies into your hand give him the treat and talk the encouraging words. Repeat this step as many times before your bird accomplishes this measure completely and flies to your hand immediately. With patience and practice you may finally have a valuable hand tamed Lovebird.

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